whatkindoftea said: we are united in our hatred for group projects, and I will gladly take that malibu rum off your hands to make delicious Bay Breezes :3

if you are willing to trade a mojito, yup!! (*´▽`*)

ojbh said: is charcuterie sausage?

it’s a kind of charcuterie, yes, just like paté, saucisson ALL THOSE DISGUSTING THINGS

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11:05 in the morning
I don’t like the sun waking me up
It’s a day no different from yesterday

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whatkindoftea said:

Tag! State ten facts about yourself and then send this to your ten favorite followers!

~replies 4 days later~

……………………….…. i love you?
  1. obsession of the year week is Jamiroquai’s Runaway
  2. my hair has a will on its own and it hates me
  3. i used to smoke in high school and that was possibly the stupidest thing i’ve ever done since y’know i have asthma [looks at yoochun]
  4. i was also in the athletics club! speciality long distance running
  5. i hate sports in team
  7. and licorice omg ew ew EW
  8. and charcuterie (how do you say that in english? the same as in french no?)
  9. and white chocolate
  10. and malibu rum [shrieks in horror]
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cr. Micky_圈圈2circle渣攻一枚

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ojbh said:

Tag! State ten facts about yourself and then send this to your ten favorite followers!

this is an honor /__\

  1. all bad days are the ones that start without coffee. always. (today was one of them)
  2. i just read your answers and omg “i had a dream once where yunho decided to break out of the group and become a french pop singer” lmfao TELL ME MORE DIVYA
  3. i’m an horrible friend
  4. the kind that doesn’t talk to you for a month and then comes back expecting everything to go back the way it was
  5. ah, and selfish too
  6. one of my favorite book is actually a play, “Rhinocéros” from Eugène Ionesco. sometimes it feels like no one appreciates that book but me but gah. i love it
  7. Baudelaire’s “Les Fleurs du mal” is also perfect
  8. i really want that goddamn driving licence but- i’m such a wimp ;;
  9. the funniest years of my (short) life were in high school tbh, college is just hell
  10. i will never understand people who take fandom too seriously but then again just because you don’t understand something doesn’t give you the right to look down on it (i guess. um…..)
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